About me

‘I am sketching my life without a ruler...’

I was brought up in Fertőendréd.
Following my college education I started to work for architect Tibor Horváth in Petőháza. It was there that my conduct as an architect got formed to design buildings by preserving the traditional values and combining the traditional forms with the latest technology. While working, I earned a degree from the Technical University of Budapest and spent a month in Transylvania on scholarship in 2010, where I studied the village preservation programme in Székely Land. Later, in the years of the global economic crisis I worked in Austria. Next to my permanent job I continued to design houses in Hungary. I only accepted projects I enjoyed working on but over time I was forced to refuse more and more engagements for lack of capacity.
Having had enough of this – and choosing my family – I could return home on a steady footing to an already established professional milieu and team. Likening my work abroad to the years of studies of the travelling students in the Middle Ages, I consider it a great source of experience,  as a result of which I can combine the latest technological novelties with the shapes and forms of our architectural heritage.
I live in Kópháza with my wife and three children.
18 August 1981 Kapuvár
1996 Ányos Jedlik Secondary School, Győr
2004 István Széchenyi College, Győr – BSc in Architecture
2008 BME –MSc in Architecture
2010 Member of the Chamber of Architects of Győr-Moson-Sopron County
2010 Designer (É 08-0514)
2013 Technical Construction Inspector (ME-É 08-0514)
2013 Technical Manager in Charge (MV-É 08-0514)
2013 Technical Manager in Charge for Listed Buildings (MV-M 08-0514)
2017 Chief Architect Qualification
Work experience
2005-2010 Archit Line Bt. - Petőháza
2010 Scholarship in Transylvania
2011-2012 RCM Design GmbH - Mödling
2013-2016 Sloboda u. Steiner Planungs GmbH - Gols
2016 Independent design studio of my own
2017 Chief Architect Qualification
List of partners
Károly Bátki - Mechanical Static Engineer
Attila Bognár - Mechanical Static Engineer
Zsolt Csuka - Fire Protection Expert
Zoltán Hantos - Wood Static Engineer  
Gábor Kovács - Stove Builder
Szabolcs Locsmándi - Photography
Tibor Meizner - Visual Furniture Design, Production Planning
Attila Nagy - Photography
Márton Nardai - Environmental Expert
Pagony Office - Landscape Architects
Attila Pék - Wood Preservation Expert
Béla Petri - Water Works Engineer
Norbert Schöll - Building Energetics and Building Service Engieneering
Vilmos Szalmási - Building Electricity
Lajos Szilágyi - Interior Designer, Visual Designer, Decorator
Márton Szita -  - Photography
Ágnes V. Farkas - Interior Designer
Leisure time
Articles and media appearances
A chapel was blessed
The improvement of our riding hall...
Scholarship to study rural development abroad
Scholarship for vocational training development
Four-week practice in Transylvania
‘Rural excellence’ award holders         
Sign boards handed over to newly qualifying association members in Hegykő
The artist of the month

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